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Difference Datamodel CDS and Service CDS

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Hi all,

made the tutorial "Build Your First OData-based Backend Service" which can be found on

Could anybody please explain me the difference an the linkage between the datamodel CDS and the service CDS?

There are tons of documentations but I cannot find the purpose? Why is that needed?

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Answers (2)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

CDS as part of the SAP Cloud Programming Model allows you to define data models that are persisted as tables and views on a database catalog like SAP HANA. CDS service definitions are an abstraction layer on top that define a facade on top of your data model (and other imported services) for UI exposure via OData.

There is also a blog that explains the intend of CDS:

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CDS (Core Data Services) is a scripted way to generate Entities (tables), Views and Types in SAP HANA. It facilitates the development and deployment via these design time objects (hdbcds files). There is no CDS Service... i think what you are referring to is the odata service.which you serve the output of those entities or views via the odata service for clients to consume them via http. in json or atom/xml format. this is probably a very simple explanation but it should give you an idea of the difference from CDS and OData service