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Difference between SWETYPV and SWEINST ? Where to use which one ?

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I have used SWETYPV several times, but recently i found SWEINST. Now i want to know what is the difference between two and where to use one ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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SWETYPV is for type linkage, an event for an object type:

For event APPROVAL_NEEDED on any object of type ZCL_ORDER, this linkage will be processed.

SWEINST is for instance linkage, an event for an object instance:

For event ZCL_ORDER.CHANGED of order number 10007324, the linkage will be processed.

Most people never need to touch the instance linkage SWEINST other than for troubleshooting purposes. You will find entries for all active wait steps in here.

i.e. When there is a wait step in a workflow waiting for order number 1234 to be changed, the workflow runtime will create an instance linkage for it. When the workflow completes or the wait step is otherwise terminated (e.g. when a fork branch completes and it stops waiting), the instance linkage is deleted.

Hope that helps,


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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the first one is for event type linkages and second one is for instance type linkages (activations in both cases). they have different receiver types (specific objects vs generic objects). you need both for your workflow to instantiate.

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I think SAP likes to make it easy for us.

SWTYPV is triggering SM30 on view SWFDVEVTY2

SWEINST is triggering an SM34 on report RSWEINSTVMAINT

SWE2 is triggering an SM30 on view SWFDVEVTY2

From a workflow  functionality point of view I don't think that there are much differences ...

The design is a little different with SWEINST with the little tree on the left hand side and the entry is not done in the same way but no other difference.