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Difference between Serialized V3 update and Queued Delta

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Dear Experts,

Can any one differentiate between Serialized V3 Update and Queued Delta update mehtods in LO in data transfer perspective.



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Answers (4)

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in seriallized v3 update the data will be in the form of segment serial. Means if the users creating the orders or modifying the existing orders that time means

there are different languages, by use of that segment(collect all the english doc's)and then transfer inti bw.

in case of queued delta there is one queue which is going to pick all the delta records when delta is running.there is no concept of missing delta records in this case.

in 3.1c we will prefer queued delta concept

thanks and regards


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During the first load, if it either init or full, data will come from setup table.

1. When number of document changes between two delta extractions is small, you go for direct delta. The recommended limit is 10000 i.e. if the No of doc changes (Creating, changing and deleting) between two successive delta runs is within 10000, direct delta is recommended.

Here the number of LUWs are more as they are not clubbed into one one LUW.

2. Queued delta is used if number of document changes is high ( more than 10000). Here data is wriiten into an extraction queue and from there it is moved to delta queue. Here upto 10000doc changes are cummulaed to one LUW.

3. Unserialized V3 upadte methos is used only when it is not important that data to be transferd to BW in the exactly same sequence as it was generated in R/3.

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Hi Muthu

Basic difference is in the sequence of data transfer. In Queued delta it is same as the one in which documents are created whereas in serialized v3 update it is not always the same.

a) Serialized V3 Update

This is the conventional update method in which the document data is collected in the sequence of attachment and transferred to BW by batch job.The sequence of the transfer does not always match the sequence in which the data was created.

b) Queued Delta

In this mode, extraction data is collected from document postings in an extraction queue from which the data is transferred into the BW delta queue using a periodic collective run. The transfer sequence is the same as the sequence in which the data was created

Hope this helps.



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Hi Muthu,

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