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difference between RFC and LOGICAL destination

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Hi all,

what's the difference between RFC and LOGICAL destination from a BAPI-ALE point of view.

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Answers (4)

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RFC is a remote enabled functiona module.

for calling RFC we need to set up DESTINATION in SM59.

call fn DESTINATION <b><DEST></b>

<b><DEST></b> is the destination set up in <b>SM59</b>.

similarly, for ALE connection, we need to set up a connetion woth the other client or server, so we need to set up destination in SM59.

BAPI is an interface which uses RFC

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check out this link to understand LOGICAL SYSTEMS

in simple terms:

Logical system - an alias name for a system client

RFC destination - a connector pointing to a logical system for connection



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When u give CALL FUNCTION <fm> destination <dest>

this means ur function will execute on destination <dest>

This <dest> is ur RFC destinations name assigned to an SAP system client.

use SM59 to maintain these RFCdestinations

Logical systems and RFC destinations names could be same and different as well.

Thanks & Reagrds,


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RFC(Remote Function call) is a function module which can be called remotely to transmit/receive information

Note : BAPI's can also be called remotely.

Logical destination helps call the external system to call the function module remotely and vise-varsa.

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Hello KPJ,

RFC - Remote Function Call

Logical Destination - Remote System towhich RFC is made.

In the example below, 'Y_CREDIT_CHECK' is a Remote-enabled function. R3ADAPTER is the Logical Destination (remote third party system).

<i>report y_credit_check .

parameters : p_acctno like ekko-ebeln,

p_amount like ekpo-netwr.

data w_status like ztbl_flag-zfl_trnxflag.

call function 'Y_CREDIT_CHECK'

destination 'R3ADAPTER'


account_no = p_acctno

amount = p_amount


statuslike = w_status



if sy-subrc = 0.

write: 'Credit Status:',



message s000(zm) with 'TIBCO is not reachable!'.