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difference between ODS and CUBE

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Hi All,

I am SAP BW learner. I want to difference between ODS and INFOCUBE. I am getting confused in which one data will overwrite and in which duplicate data is available...

Your help is very much appreciated


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sreenath,

There are a lot of topics similar to this. Just perform a 'Search Forum' operation.

Anyway, one major difference is the manner of data storage. In ODS, data is stored in flat tables. By flat we mean to say ordinary transparent table whereas in a CUBE, it composed of multiple tables arranged in a STAR SCHEMA joined by SIDs. The purpose is to do MULTI-DIMENSIONAL Reporting

Another difference is : In ODS, you can update an existing record given the KEY. In CUBES, theres no such thing. It will accept duplicate records and during reporting, SUM the keyfigures up. Theres no EDIT previous record contents just ADD. With ODS, the procedure is UPDATE IF EXISTING (base from the Table Key) otherwise ADD RECORD.

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