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Difference between Highest Dates

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I'm working on Notifications Cube, and have to create one simple report. Report should display number of Days between two (latest) notification types for a Functional Location.

E.g. Notifications Cube contains below contents:

Functional Location Notification # Notification Type Created Date

ABC-123 111 Z1 1-Jan-10

ABC-123 112 Z1 3-Jan-10

ABC-123 115 Z1 20-Jan-10

ABC-123 130 Z1 15-Mar-10

ABC-123 155 Y2 30-Mar-10

XYZ-333 215 Z1 23-Feb-10

XYZ-333 230 Z1 28-Feb-10

XYZ-333 255 Y2 2-Mar-10

And I've to create Report with below output:

Functional Location Number of Days (between Y2 and Z1)

ABC-123 15

XYZ-333 2

How can I achieve this?



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Answers (2)

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Hi Vikrant,

Are Z1 and Y2 always your first and latest notification types ? In that case you can do the following.

1. Put Functional Location in the rows.

2. In the columns, create four selection. Each of them with creation date, and one each with restriction for notification type.

3. Create a formula to delete the number of days ,and get the desired result.

This can also be achieved using customer exit variables, for calendar date and notification type respectively.



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HI vikranth,

This can be done with the help of Customer exit.

Create a variable of type Replacement path variable of processing type Customer exit

explain the below logic to your ABAPer he can help you in getting the desired output.