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Difference between filter in SAP BW

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Hey, what is the fundamental difference between Filters and variables in a query. Is the only difference that with a variable you can filter the query when the query already runs ? and what are global filters ?

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Filters are used to narrow down the data returned by a query based on specific conditions. They are applied during the execution of the query and help filter the results according to the specified criteria. Filters are typically used to restrict the data based on fixed conditions that are known at the time of query execution.

On the other hand, variables are placeholders that allow for dynamic and flexible filtering of data. They can be used to parameterize queries and provide values at runtime. With variables, you can pass different values to the query and filter the results based on changing conditions. This allows for more interactive and adaptable querying.

Regarding global filters, they are a feature provided by some query languages or frameworks. Global filters allow you to define filters that are applied automatically to every query executed within a certain context or scope. These filters act as a default restriction on the data, ensuring that the specified conditions are consistently applied across multiple queries.

In summary, the main difference between filters and variables in a query is that filters are used for fixed conditions applied during query execution, while variables provide flexibility for dynamic filtering based on changing conditions. Global filters, on the other hand, are a mechanism to define default filters that are automatically applied to multiple queries within a specific context.

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So for example when i create a global filter that filters the Month to Februray, all querys in my composite provider will be filterd by the month februray ? i thought global filters are filters that we can create and save, so that we can use them in every query we need

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You can restrict characteristics or select exactly one key figure as a filter. This type of filter selection restricts the entire query. All the Info-Provider data is aggregated using the filter selection of the query.

Filters with Fixed Values: The characteristic values selected as the filter selection cannot be changed at runtime.

Filters with Default Values: The characteristic values selected as the filter selection are default values. The user can change or delete these values at runtime

Global Filters:

When you create a global filter for an Info Provider, it can be reused in all queries for this Info Provider.


A variable is a means of parameterizing a query or a query component, as a variable is filled with values only once the query is executed. You define a variable for an Info Object. This variable is then available in all Info Providers that use this Info Object, and can be processed in many different ways.

Variables act as placeholders for characteristic values, hierarchies, hierarchy nodes, texts, or formula elements. The variable type indicates for which object you can use a variable.

Depending on the variable type, variables can be processed in various ways. The processing type of a variable determines how the variable is filled with a value at the runtime of the query.