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Difference between 0 to unbounded and 1 to Unbounded.

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when we are doing 1 - N transformation scenario, we will give the occurences 0 to unbounded and 1 to Unbounded.what is the difference between 0 to unbounded and 1 to Unbounded.

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Hi Manoj,

In the Real time scenario, the source data being transport to target, some of the information may exists and may not on particular node. In that case we need to define 0..unbounded. It means data may be nil or more than one.

In 1..Unbounded means minimum one and max unlimited.

Take Ex. Bank Customer Data transafer.

AccountNo 1..1

Name 1..1

Depwdl 0..unbounded

Date 1..1

DepAmount 1..1

wdlAmount 1..1

Balance 1..1

In above case there could be transactions and may not be also. But the Account num and Name should be transferred.

Similary 1..N

Considering above case, condition is that without any single transaction the information should not be transaferred then we need define 1..unbounded.


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Hi Manoj

0 to Unbounded

The minimum occurance of the node is 0 i.e optional and the maximum occurance of the node is it can be unbounded i.e n.

1 to Unbounded

The node should atleast occur 1's i.e it is mandatory for the node to occur in the structure and the maximum occurance can be unbounded.



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When you give 0...unbounded the field is optional...

When you give 1..unbounded the field is have to map this target field



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0 to unbounded means that it is possible the XML received has 0 occurence (no data for that field) to any number of data (unbounded means Maximum occurence not defined).

1 to Unbounded means that the XML received must have atleast 1 occurence (must be present in message) and it could have any number of maximum occurence



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Hi Manoj

<b>difference between 0 to unbounded and 1 to Unbounded</b>

0...unbound means

the node may not exist or may exist any no. of times.

1..Unbound means

Node will occur minimum once and max it can occure any no. of times

Check this link for more detials: page 55 onwards