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diff between SOAP & HTTP Adapters

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sap xi consultant

I need some information about diff between SOAP & HTTP adapters which one is better then why mostly using adapters(soap/http) pls expailn this.



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Hi Raja,

Please have a look on this thread :

also check this thread :

I hope you will find everything you need.

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we use SOAP adapter when we need to connect to remote system or use Webservices in these cases we use SOAP adapter.

HTTP Adapter is used by extenal systems to connect to Intergartin server using native HTTP Interface.

the http adapter is a service which is directly connected to integration engine. Adapter Framework (Java) isnt involved. It is much more performant than SOAP adapter.

Refer the below thread which has more information:



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soap's purpose is to encoder to message.

http does not have the function.

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Raja Shekar,

SOAP Adapter sender or receiver is used to expose your interface as web-service or to access other web-service. HTTP adapter accepts plain HTTP requests with XML payload while SOAP adapter expects SOAP payload.

If you want comparison between the two, i guess it solely depends on your another application whether it has capability to invoke web service or not. The SOAP option would definitely better if u want to avail benifits of web services like publishing the same to UDDI etc.

In simple scenarios HTTP would be suffice.