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Diff between LIS and LO Cockpit extractions

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Hi Roberto,

I need diff between LIS and LO Extractions.

I have searched the whole forum. But i didn't find.

Please tell me.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Surya,

just some infos about LIS flows....

with Plug-In 2001.2 S2xx-Structures have been replaced by Logistics Extraction Cockpit. However, R/3 releases 4.x support S2xx-Structures and Logistics Extraction Cockpit in parallel.

With new LBWE extractors there are a lot of benefits:

- Detailed Extraction: extraction can be deactivated (e.g. Schedule Line Data) leads to leaner extractors with less volume.

- Document Changes: only BW-relevant data changes will be updated (less upload volume).

- LIS-Tables are not updated reduced data volume due to avoided redundancy.

- Update with Batch-Process (V3) -> no load on daily business (but now there are available different delta methods as the direct delta...)

- No LIS-Know How necessary.

- Functional Enhancements easy to be done.

- Central, uniform maintenance tool for logistics applications (LBWE)

- No Delta-Tables (SnnnBIW1/-2) no double update, no double Data-Storage

- A lot of flows are covered: Purchasing,Inventory Controlling, Shop Floor Control, Quality Management, Shipment, Sales, Shipping, Billing, Plant Maintenance, Customer Service, Retailing....

If you want some more info, feel free to ask me !



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