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Diaplay data of only one UOM in Query

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Hello All,

Please help me with the below:

we have a field with mixed UOM i.e. Hours and Minutes. How do we, in the query select only one UOM to display the data?

Thanx in advance.

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Answers (3)

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I suppose you misunderstood my question. Sorry for my English.

When I execute my query, I get the following records

Record 1 , 8 hrs

Record 2 , 30 mins

Record 3, 4 hrs

Record 4 , 10 mins

I need for example all records only in hours.

Record 1 , 8 hrs

Record 2 , 0.5 hrs

Record 3, 4 hrs

Record 4 , 0.1 hrs

The UNIT hours or mins is displayed during execution.

How do we know which record is mins and which record in hours?

If we know this then we can multiply or divide by 60 to get our values.

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You can do this by make a Zunit which refer to 0unit and you have to attach this Zunit to your Keyfigure

Then you have write a Virtual Charatcertic code in CMOD to populate this.

Search the Forum with

"How to…

Indentify ‘Comparable’ Results within a Query"

This how-to will give a idea how to impelemnt the code.

Hope i m clr.



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There should be a characteristic calle 0UNIT or similar in your infocube. In BEX Analyser, drag and drop this characteristic into the filters column and put a filter on the value (say Hours).

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if UOM field is separate object u can able to restrict by particular unit other wise u write if condition in formulas for that u need to create RKF and do if condition.