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Dialog Instance

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During finished installation of SAP R/3 & start-up the SAP R/3, it appeared some error that:

[ running sapstart.exe name=sp2 nr=00 sapdiahost=sap2 -wait

SAPSTART finished successfully on sap2_sp2_00, but at least one process doesn't run correctly:

disp+work.exe, Dispatcher, Stopped, 28.07.2007 08:38:26, 0 00 00 58

sapparam(1c): No Profile used. ]

PS: I think the reason of this error is I installed the "Dialog Instance" which I finished to install "Central Instance", "Database Instance", "Dialog Instance". I installed the "Central Instance", "Database Instance" after I start-up the SAP R/3 is no problem. When I installed the "Dialog Instance", it appear above error.

Which functions is the "Dialog Instance"?

Why do I install the "Dialog Instance" after appear the error?

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there could be a numberof errors caused by adding an installation.

*did you finish the post installation steps before you added a new dialog instance?

  • did you make sure the dialog instance use a diffrent system number?

  • did you carete the parameters file?

I would finish with the installation, of the central instance make sure it works perfectly and only then install another instance on the same server, then you know exactly where the problem is.

Uri Lifshitz.