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Diagnostic Agents disconnected after SolMan SPS update

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I have just updated a SolMan 7.2 system from SPS06 to SPS18.  I now see that all the Diagnostic Agents are offline and cannot re-connect.  They are all on a pretty old version:

I have gone through the steps in Note 3316788 to set up user credentials that are now required, and I have run smdsetup to try and reconnect but nothing has worked so far.  I'm now getting this message in the SMD Agent log:

A HTTP request to the message server returned response code different from "200 OK": HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
No P4 access points will be returned

Is my only option to re-install the agents with the latest version?

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Update:  I discovered I was using the wrong port for the MS HTTP port in the smdsetup command.  After issuing the correct command, the agent now finds the P4 port and connects, but I'm getting this error relating to the SecStore:

"software version is incompatible with file version"

This is covered in Note 3372657 - Error "software version is incompatible with file version" occur... where it is suggested to delete the secstore files and allow smdsetup to recreate them.  I have done so but the error persists.

Could this be caused by incompatible kernel/JVM version of the Agent since the SolMan Java stack is now running on NW 7.5 / JVM 8.1?  Will updating the kernel of the Agent help?