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Diagnostic Agent in MSCS

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Hi Everyone,

Our production environment consists of SAP R/3 Enterpise 4.7 ext 200/MSQL which is hosted in a MSCS windows 2003 32-bit environment. There are also three dialog instance.

The cluster consists of two nodes saprp2cl1 (node1) and saprp2cl2 (node2) with a logical/virtual name of saprp2ci1. Node 1 contains the database and node 2 the central instance. In the event of a failure either node can host both the db and central instance.

I have installed Solman Patch 22 and:

1. have added the system into smsy.(via SLD registration) and done all teh ncessary steps to generate the RFC's etc and able to get the EWA reports.

2. I have installed the diagnostic agent on all the instances except the d/b instance. On the central instance I installed the agent using the virtual name sapr2ci1 as this would need to be available on the db node in the event of fail-over.

3. When I add the system as a managed system I can see all the agents are registered and assign the servers names accordingly.

4. When the setup is run it executes all the steps. However it fails when it tries to locate the Introscope agent in the Wily Introscope Manager. When I look in the WIS Manager I can see that the agent is registered there but it is registered and the physical host name asprp2cl2 and not the virtual hostname.

The Diagnostic agent profile contains the parameter SAPLOCALHOST = saprp2ci1 which is the virtual one and the correct one.

Is there someplace that I can tell the Wily Introscope agent to geister using the logical name and not the physical name or am I missing something.

Thanks in advance


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There should be a usr\sap\ccms directory on each node. You need to either install the wily4java agent on each node or unpack the approriate SAR file under the Wily directory, then amend the config tool java parameters for each node. Once done you should be ok.

Strange that you used the virtual server name for the diags agent. I'm having a dilema as the SAP diagnostics troubleshoot guide proposes "for MSCS HA environments to install the diagnostics agents locally on the windows boxes" . I assume they mean C:\.

I just have a problem with this as that would mean a new smsy setup for each node. Could get messy.


Paul M