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DevStudio 07's gone ? Why?

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Anyone can tell me where i can get DevStudio 07 version?

because i need it..

It doesn't work.

It used to be here... but.. no more...

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (2)

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In the SDN download area you can get NWDS SP11, why do you need SP7?


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Dear Armin



I installed

6.300<b>7</b>.00.0000.20040817165148.0000 (release=630_REL, buildtime=2004-08-19:21:04:15[UTC], changelist=273411, host=PWDFM027)

This SAP Web Application Server is only suitable for NWDS SP7, isn't it?

Because, i looked at some posts related to errors of NWDS.

some ppl recommanded to downgrade NWDS version as a solution.

Well, i'm not sure.

If NWDS SP11 is no problem with ,

I will use NWDS SP11.

What do u think?


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Ok, that's a reason. Generally, a newer NWDS will not work with an older J2EE server, at least as far as Web Dynpro is concerned.

I do not know the released Linux versions.


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Hi David,

Try to download from the following Link

Go to -> Entry by Application Group -> SAP Net Weaver -> SAP NETWEAVER -> SAP NETWEAVER 04 ->Entry By Component->Net Wevaver Doveloper studio. now you can download versions right from 6.0 to 12.0

Hope this info helped you,



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DEAR Ramakrishna Venkat


That's really good information..

Unfortunately,, i don't have ID and Password..

do you think , somebody can rent ID and Password.. ?

Anyway, Thank you so much..

kindest regards


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