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Devices Free Space is Not Correct

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Dear experts,

We want to monitor saptools_log_001 free space.

When we see from DBACOCKPIT, The device size is 7GB. But. the used size and free space also are both 7GB.

Could you please advise on how to correct this error?

Thank you.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Which version of ASE and SAPKB are you running?

In the meantime you can accurately check in using isql helpdb commands, I have also in the past experienced this but the OS isql commands are in my experience always correct.

Kind Regards,

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Dear Nicolaas,



SAP Reply with this:

Dear Customer,

Based on the outputs of sp_helpdevice and sp_helpdb you provided,


device_name       physical_name                                description

saptools_log_001  H:\sybase\SM3\saplog_1\SM3_log_001.dat       physical disk, 7372.80 MB, Free: 0.80 MB


log only free kbytes = 7519328(7343MB)

Comparing with the output of Devices shows in your screenshot:

Name              Physical Device Name                            Device Size(MB)  Used Size(MB)   Free Space(MB)

saptools_log_001  H:\sybase\SM3\saplog_1\SM3_log_001.dat          7372              7372                7342

I see all the shows are right in DBACockpit.

I guess you may think that Device size should be total size (Used Size + Free Space).

Actually, in dbacockpit > space > devices , "Used Size" means the fragment size as a result from create database / alter database.

should be referred to as "assigned size".

I hope my explanation can dispel your doubts.

Best regards,

Jun Chen

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Hi ,

Have you implemented the latest release of sap note below in your landscape:

1946164 SYB: DDIC patch collection for release 7.02

1558958 SYB: DBA Cockpit Correction Collection SAP Basis 7.02 / 7.30

These are big notes so implement in development and transport across, also based on your version you should prerefably upgrade to 16.0.*

According to sap note 1684549 - SYB: Discontinued versions of SAP (Sybase) ASE patch version134 and lower is no longer supported, i.e. patch support discontinued.

You need to upgrade.

Kind Regards,

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Dear Zulfadzly,

Hope you are doing good.

The cockpit reads the values from the database. Most likely either :the calculation from bytes to gigabytes is wrong and/or secondly the wrong unit is displayed on the screen.

Can you login to the DB and check the value.  Also probably schedule an update statistics..
Hope this helps.

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Kind Regards,


SAP Product Support

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