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Hi all

To be best SAP Development Constultant for next few years should I need to upgrade myself by learning Java or .NET development techniques apart from ABAP?. If your answer is yes, Please advise me which one to learn first and the reasons. I need advises from experts.



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Hi Arjunan,

You might want to take a look at FAQ: Middle and Late SAP Career Paths and/or FAQ: Java vs. ABAP Programming Careers. If you are interested in .net or JAVA, then by all means augment your skillset in that way, but you shouldn't feel compelled to learn a new language to stay competitive in the SAP space.

There are many ways to specialize within ABAP in both a deep fashion and/or a wide fashion. The key is to find something that can draw and hold your interest. For some, that means learning (for example) EDI/ALE communications to the point where s/he can diagnose, troubleshoot, create new, etc. Someone who really, really understands the intricacies of EDI/ALE will always find work. However, from some, diving to that level of detail is painful and boring.

Perhaps they like the challenge of always being on a bleeding edge product. For others, the uncertainty of being on the bleeding edge and having to deal with things not working due to SAP not having fully fleshed out the functionality yet is terrifying.

For some, the process of managing the development organization is very exciting. Dividing up the work, making sure that objects are logically grouped together, making sure that everything is coded the best way possible can all be invigorating challenges, if that's how your wired. It takes someone who is not only good at working with people, but good at working with people who are often not good at working with people (if you know what I mean).

All paths are valid. Choose the one that doesn't fit your temperament and it will be torture. Chose the correct path for you and you will be successful. It is not necessary for others to understand or approve of your path. It is only necessary that YOU find it interesting and fullfilling.

I hope this helps!

Best regards,


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