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Developing SmartSynchronization Project

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hi friends,

i am novice to SAP MI

i developed syncBO and generated meta xml file,

i assigned metaxml to my SmartSync.

it generated necessary code, will it give output based on XML file or do i need to code more


Anil kumar P

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hello anil,

you are referring to creating a smartsynchronization project

for your MI application, right? assuming that you already

have the proper BAPIs & wrappers which you have used for

generating the SyncBo definition xml file, the java codes

created for you when you create the smartsync project are

just skeleton codes. java bean objects are created for

your data structures defined in the xml and nothing more

than that... depending on your needs, you might want to

expose a common interface or create a common super class

for these objects; thus coding and extending the generated

codes becomes necessary.

moreover, you might need as well to impose some field data

conversion e.g. for date/time values inside your beans.

also, you have to code the business logics for your app.

hope this helps


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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u dont need to code more. metarep.xml file takes care of all those stuff, only u want some additional functionality like want to add filtering criteria , sorting other than what siddharth had mentioned,then only u need to write the code for the same.for all those thing u can download TMOB20 & TMOB40 from the

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Hi Anil,

By genearting the necessary code you mean in the NetWeaver Developer Studio, right? If yes, then the code you have generated will be sufficient to get the data but not adding, modifying or deleting any data. For that you have redesign the JSPs and add some code. You must have the create, modify and delete bapi wrappers on the backend to support there functionalities.