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developing portal DCs using JDI SP9

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with JDI SP9 it is possible to create DCs of type "portal application module". I've done this. Then I called (using the context menu inside the enterprise portal perspective, package DC explorer) development component >> build, and a par file has been created successfully. So far all things were ok. But if I then tried to deploy this par file via development component >> deploy a deployment error occurs:

10.11.2004 14:00:03 /userOut/deploy ( [Thread[Deploy Thread,5,main]] ERROR:

Deployment aborted


SDM host : localhost

SDM port : 50918

URL to deploy : file:/C:/WINDOWS/TEMP/temp55875demo.welcome.pam.par

Obviously, the above mentioned SDM host and port settings are wrong. The point is that these settings are different from the settings that I have configured using the preferences tab of NDS. I have definitly configured other hosts in the J2EE engine settings as well as in enterprise portal settings.

Where I have to configure the portal or J2EE engine settings for the deployment of portal DCs?



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I got the answer by myself taking a look at the J2EE engine view :-). In my webAs cluster, the host where SDM is running is configured as "localhost", 50918 is the SDM port.