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Developing Customizations for Mobiliser

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Dear all,

I am trying to customize SAP mobiliser feature in SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 SP14. But I have some problems:

1. Documents from helpsap for mobiliser 5.5 (5..5.6) is so difference to mobiliser features which is activated from SAP mobile platform( in SMP 3.0 SP13 - mobiliser feature 5.5.9, in SMP 3.0 SP14 - mobiliser feature 5.5.11). SAP mobiliser's remote maven repositories in the documents did exist anymore. The SAPnote 2517677 - Developing Customizations for mobiliser has just released in 19.10.2017 also point to old documents I mentioned.

2. smp_mobiliser_template from Github is also difference to mobiliser features in SMP 3.0 SP14.

Does anyone know where is new document, development template, remote maven repositories to customize mobiliser with newest from SMP 3.0 SP4 mobiliser features?

Thanks and Best Regards.

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Hi Linh,

The Github version of the Mobiliser template and instructions should be used for the customization template . The customization template from Github is available up until SMP 3.0 SP11. Will this be sufficient for your needs?

I will also put a request through to see if a new version of the template can be added for SP14.

Thank you,