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I developped 3 SAPUI5 apps in HCP using webide. I can consume odata from the on-premise DEV system with HCP Connector. I deployed the apps in FLP.

Everything works fine, but now I want to transport them into prod system.

In on-premise system, no problem, I can managed my transport modification (which contains gateway services) like any other program.But in HCP, I only have one destination, I can had a new one for prod system, but in the SAPUI5 app, I can choose only one destination (neo-app.json) :


      "path": "/sap/opu/odata",

      "target": {

        "type": "destination",

        "name": "Dev_HANA",

        "entryPath": "/sap/opu/odata"


      "description": "dev HANA"


I saw that I can create a new account in HCP cockpit, and then configure prod destination in current account and use dev destination in the new account. That way I can test my apps with OData service that is in dev system without interrupt prod system.

My question is: how can I transport my apps from "dev" HCP account to "prod" HCP account ? Is it the right way to do this ? Also I feel worried that I could transport the neo app.json from dev in prod HCP account, then the prod would be connected to dev !

I didn't mention QUA system, but it would be better to have one too. I have 3 processors available in HCP cockpit, I guess that it is in that purpose ? dev,qua,prod ?

Thank you,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Louis,

Let me start from the end,

As far as I know SAPUI5 apps don't require any processors since they are static apps (unlike Java apps).

Configure a destination per account will enable you to define different data providers on each scenario (data for "DEV" flow and data for "Productive" flow).

If the only different between the "DEV" scenario and the "Productive" scenario is the data source, you can deploy the SAPUI5 on one account and subscribe to it from another account.

However, if the code is different, you will need to have two applications.
One for "Dev" and one for "Productive".

You can transfer SAPUI5 apps from one account to another in a variety of ways:

  1. You can export the "Dev" app to a ZIP file and upload it to the "Productive" account.
  2. You can develop your app in "development" branch. This branch will be deployed to the "Dev" account.
    The "master" branch will be deployed to "Productive" account.
    Once work on "development" branch has finished you can merge it into "master" branch.



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Thanks a lot Sapir. I really appreciate that you take time helping me.

I thought that Processors might be needed to handle lots of users connections and data that is transfered throught Hana Cloud Connector. But you're right I didn't realize that SAPUI5 apps are just files that are executed on the client side.

Of course code and Odata service is different in DEV,QUA and PRD.

I'm not very familiar with Git, so I think I'll choose zip file.


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