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Determine processor list from support team

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Hi All,

we are using Solman 7.1 SP08 and parameter IM_SUPP_TEAM_DISABLE in table AGS_WORK_CUSTOM is set to "".

When creating an incident the processor is preset with the logged on user and the field for support team is shown as drop down list as I'm assigned to more than one support team.

We experiance the issue that it is not very user friedndly if the incident must be assigned to another support team as I'm assigned to.

1 step: The drop down for processor has to be set to "empty"

2 step: support team needs to be found via F4 help

3 step: choose the processor from the drop down again

We would like to only use the determination in the direction from support team to processor.

Will say:

--> Support team is entered and the processor can be chosen from a drop down containing all bp assigned to the entered support team

In SolMan 7.0 EhP1 after login the user has chosen the team he wants to have entered in the partner function for "support team" automatically. Is it possible to use this feature again in SolMan 7.1? The user has to choose the team after login but it seems to have no influence. The "new way" of selecting the support team seems not comfortable to our customers.

Thanks in advance,



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Answers (2)

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Hi Jan,

team determination and processor via rule policies still valid in 7.1. You can try partner determination rule AC13200137 for partner function message processor, by just copy of the action  ZMIN_STD_FIND_TEAM_SEND_EMAIL define partner fct as message processor instead of support team refer here

or you can use the new brf+

also refer the note 1728284 ITSM: Partner Functions for the WebClient UI



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No idea ?

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Hello Jan,

i think your requirement with processor selection is not possible in the standard.

But it is possible by enhancing the Web UI (Developing).

I can provide you further instructions for this if needed.

I am not sure if i understand your second problem correctly.

There is a automatic support team determination for newly created tickets which uses the BRF+ Framework (Configurable in transaction BRF+). This is the action definition:

Or you can use the old action with a PFAC rule:

Hope this helps,