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Detecting if an app bsp is running like an iview in a EP 6.4

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Hello, i want to know if there is some way besides checking the attribute runtime->portal_version ,to find out if a bsp app is running in the portal like an iview or is running outside the portal (standalone). Thanx in advance

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alternate method (you should however try to find why runtime->portal_version is not working)

when creating the BSP iview pass the following as the iview application parameter

<b>pversion=<Portal.Version></b> (case sensitive)

in your BSP page have a page attribute (with auto checked) called pversion type string .

When this application is called from portal pversion will have value like <b>6.4.200505031729</b> and when called from outside pversion will be blank.

This way you can find out whether the BSP application is called from portal or not.



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Is it possible to get the EP Server name within the BSP runtime, other than using cookies?

Within the BSP runtime I want to create an URL for a EP iView, could not find any run time object which will get this value.