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Desing studio application stop working in BIP mode after installing Design Studio BIP add on 1.6 SP2

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Design Studio application is stop working when we run it in BI platform after upgrading Design Studio BIP add-on from 1.6 SP1 to 1.6 SP2 (on BO server 4.1 SP7),

Before installing Design Studio BIP add-on 1.6 SP2 on BO server, Design Studio application was working in both mode Local as well as BIP mode or also It was running from BO Launchpad,

Now after installing Design Studio BIP add-on 1.6 SP2 on BO server, I can still run it in Local mode but unable to run it in BIP mode and also not able to run it from BO Launchpad.

when I run design studio application (existing or if create new design studio application using upgraded design studio client 1.6 SP Patch 1) in BIP mode or while launching it from BO launch pad, its keep remain in execution mode as shown in below screen sot and selection screen or output not coming..

Note: we have also restarted BO server after installing BIP add-on 1.6 SP2, though its not running in BIP mode.

Note: Design studio application is running fine in Netweaver mode after installing design studio netweaver add-on 1.6 SP2 on portal..

Screen shot:

Regards, Dushyant.

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Hi Team,

The Error is now resolved by repairing Analysis application service's DFO file. now able to run design studio application on BO platform (BIP add on version 1.6 SP2 P1)