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Design Studio do not run at Bi Platform

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I am doing my first steps on Design Studio 1.5.

I create an application and tryed to run on BI platform.

Firts the aplication starts running forever and in my search i found thread

there i got this solution

In the CMC, check your APS servers.  If they are split, then you should have one or two for Analysis.  Check the common services to make sure you are running "Analysis Application Service" on one of them.  If they are not split, maybe create a new APS with just the Analysis common service.

I create the server for "Analysis Application Service" and now i got my aplication but with no data and i receive the message

Impossible to load InfoProvider "DSL/AQsqNSVWCU1DlDw3ibhc7Zw" (Data Provider "DS_1": An exception has accours)

Can some on give me some light about what that means? And give me possible solutions?

Thank you and best regards

João Lages Fernandes

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I suggest to add or re-create the Services category in Analysis Services:

Analysis Application Services

DSL Bridge Services

Adaptive Connectivity Service

After enable and start the Server .