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Design Studio chart legend shows exception

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Hi, we use a Design Studio stacked bar Chart based on a BW query. The query consists of 3 key figures. The 3rd key figures shows a deviation. Based on this deviation the 1st and 2nd keyfigure shall be highlighted by an exception (based on the 3rd key figure but visualisation of the exception is applied to 1st and 2nd keyfigure). This works fine in AO (in Bex only the 3rd key figure shows the exception).

If I use this query in a DS stacked bar chart then the first 2 keyfigures are correct displayed in the bar chart and also the exception. But unfortunately the chart legend does not only display "1st keyfigure" and "2nd keyfigure" but als the Digit "9" which is the exception code. In another DS Version the legend of the key figure with the exception was colored based on the exception Level. But in this version the key figures in the legend do have the standard color. So one problem is that there is an additional legend entry and the other problem is that the key figure legend with the exception is not highlighted.

Do you have an idea how to solve this?


BR, Andreas

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Hello Andreas - would it be possible to upload images so the community can better understand/assist?

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Hi Tammy,

you are right.

We have a query with 3 key figures. The 3rd column contains a delta value. Based on this 3rd value the first 2 columns shall be highlighted using excecption.

We defined 2 exceptionn on the 3rd column but apply the exception visualization on the first and second column.

This is how the datasource in Design Studio looks like:

And based on the datasource a crosstable in Design Studio displays the exception:

On top of the datasource I implemented stacked bar chart with data selection on organisation “BUS/P-DIR” and “BUS/PP” (in this way also the value of 55 / 70 is visible in the chart). As you can see down below the exception is displayed in the stacked bar chart.

Problem: The exception is active for organization “BUS/P-DIR” and I would expect that the legend displays a red point for “BUS/P-DIR”. But instead of displaying a red point for “BUS/P-DIR” there is an additional red legend point “9”. The value 9 is the exception level in the query.

Do you know how to ensure that the organsation legend point is highlighted and not an additional “9” point id s displayed?

Thanks for your support.

Regards, Andreas