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Design Studio applications using old IP address after changing OLAP connection for BW backends

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Hi guys,

the IP addresses of our BW systems have changed, I have therefore changed the OLAP connections in the BI platform Central Management Console to use the new IP addresses.

Afterwards everyone is able again to call the Design Studio applications on this BI platform. Everyone except the developers as it seems. When I try to call any of the Design Studio applications I get a timeout after a few minutes. And the log file tells me that I was trying to connect to the BW system using the old IP address. And this obviously fails. But calling the DS applications works fine for my colleagues. And it also works fine for me when I try it on a laptop of a colleague. But the same problem also occurs for another developer on his laptop.

So where is the secret cache for OLAP connections or JCO connections on developer laptops? Does the Design Studio installation makes the difference?

Any other ideas?

Thanks a lot and best regards,


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I don't know the reason for this problem. But restarting the BI platform obviously deleted all remaining old connections to the BW servers. Afterwards all the applications on the BI platform are working fine for everybody.