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Design Studio 1.6 SP6. Combined Stacked Line with 2 Y Axes, can't display measure as column

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Hello all,

Environment: Design Studio 1.6 SP6

I have an Info Chart, type Combined Stacked Line with 2 Y Axes. There are 5 measures to be displayed: A, B, C expressed in pieces and need to be displayed as lines and for D, E expressed in % should be displayed as columns. Unfortunately, I can’t display the D (%) measure, as a column, please see highlighted with red, it is always displayed as line. In configuration chart, I had tried different combinations to add it to the value axis 1 or value axis2, but it is always displayed as line. Also from additional properties displayed measures, I changed the type for D(%) measure as column, but didn’t work.

Could you please help? How can I change, measure D(%) to be displayed as column?

Thank you,


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Hi Cristina - I would download patch 1 for SP6 (released last week) - and see if the issue persists. Good luck

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