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Design Studio Planning in Crosstab - Entries appear in wrong line

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Hi experts,

I have the following problem with DS: When I use an input-ready crosstab that has "number of new lines" set to 5 and has no data in it yet, entries appear in the worng line, meaning I enter data in the first line but the entries appear in the second line. Checking the input values via Planning.recalculate() then leads to an error. The system seems to behave fine once data is available for the underlying data source.

Browser: ie11, application UI5m.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks in advance, Thomas

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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the problem is actually not reproducable ... Didn't come up the last few days, but is back now. Appears on edge browser which it did not before. Havin Design Studio open does seem to make a difference, but not always ...

Very frustrating, any help appreciated.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Nadezhda, I will try this - thank you!

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I have same bug.

If to use input-ready query with unit & scaling factors in header, there is some mess with lines in crosstab: it don't show line with unit & scaling factor in header of crosstab when you open application; when you try to fill data in first line , it writes it to second line. If to make any action with crosstab ( for ex. to resize column, scrolling doesn't help) it returns to normal state:it shows factors in header and writes data to proper line.

To avoid it, I had to set Units & scaling Factors to "Do Not Display".

I have DS16SP05.

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Thomas - only suggestion I have is to update to SP5 - see and see if the problem persists. Is there a chance to try it on Chrome?

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Hello Tammy,

unfortunately Chrome is not an option at the customer's site. I will check SP5. I am not too optimistic though - I remember this problem from a few years ago when I first had it, decision fell for WEB Application Designer then. Could again be a showstopper for DS planning here ...