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Design recommendations for SolMan 4.0 with high availability requirements

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We are going to manage 3 logical systems (R/3, CRM, BW) out of one separate SolMan 4.0 installation.

My question is: How should we provide the SolMan 4.0 availability for the logical systems

even if the SolMan 4.0 system would incidentially go down


Are there any recommendations on how to design and run a "Backup SolMan Installation" with an automatic switchover capability?

Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise. - Heiner Göhlmann

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Hi Heiner,

To my knowledge non of SAP products truly rely on SolMan. It's not used for core processing.

There are some situations in which SolMan is of greater importants. For example: you use the SLD on SolMan for other business activities, you use end user functionality of SolMan like helpdesk, you have SLA report agreements, etc.

If you have more questions, don't hessitate.

Kind regards,

Sjoerd Lubbers

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Hi Sjoerd,

exactly that what you call "some situations" is the case here. SolMan will not only be used for helpdesk and monitoring of SLA report agreements but also for change management and a centralized job scheduling system. Therefore a proven backup technology with automatic switch-over capability becomes much more important than it has ever been before.

Thanks, Heiner