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Describe internal table with where clause

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Hi ,

I know there is not standard command to find the total no of lines in an internal table with a where clause.But is there a best possible work around. One possible work around which I can think of is

Loop at itab1 where field1 = 'X'

appending lines into itab2.


describe itab2 into gv_line.

But here i am creating an extra internal table . Can this be avoided?


Ankur Bhandari

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Answers (2)

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If you do not need the table with the condition,you can do coding like this.

describe table itab1 lines l1.

delete itab1 where field1 ne 'X'.

decribe table itab1 lines l2.

l = l1 - l2.

Now the vairable 'l' will give you what is required.

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Hi ankur,

1. simple way

data : ctr type i.

Loop at itab1 where field1 = 'X'.

ctr = ctr + 1.


*-------ctr contains number of records


amit m.

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Nice answer and simple too , why was I thinking so much ?