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Derived Input parameters based on Calc view columns

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Hi All,

I have a calculation view with ~1.5bn records. It is the first wrapper view on the base table ACDOCA. Let's call this View1

I now want to filter this on a list of accounts present in Table A and Table B. So I do a union between table A and B and get the list of unique accounts. The record count here is ~100 records. Let's call this View2

The requirement is to filter View1 by the account column in View2.

The easiest way is to do an inner join but I wanted to check if there's a better way to do this.

If this was a SQL view I could have done Select Fields from View 1 where Account in (Select Account from View2)

There's an option to create an input parameter of type derived from column. Is there a way to point this to view2 and not ask for user input? I've seen multiple posts and tried different things. I've never got this to work.

There's a derived input parameter using Procedure/Function as well - that also doesn't seem to work with hdbfunctions/hdbprocedures.

If this works out, I wanted to analyze this against the execution plan for inner join but can't seem to get this to work.

Any advise?



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