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Deployment of the database code fails with a code "1" error.

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Fellow techies--

I reached step #3, substep #9 of this tutorial, where I am instructed to deploy the HANA code., almost immediately after attempting the deployment, this error arrives: SAP HANA: Deploy module' has exited with code 1″ (See error below)

I may be missing something, however, I don't see how a deployment can be made to a database under a HANA dev space, while I am in the SAP Cloud Business Application dev space-- because with the trial version, I am only able to run one at a time (see screen shot). Can anyone tell me if the code 1 error reflects an inability to reach the HANA instance? If so, then the error makes perfect sense. If not, what is the advice in order to advance beyond this step?

---- Screen Shot of dev spaces -----------------------------------------

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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You can certainly use the HANA Tools from the SAP Cloud Business Application Dev Space as well. That's why this tutorial has you making changes to the project structure so that it will be compatible with the HANA tools as well.

Do you have a database connection in the SAP HANA Projects view? Are there more details in the task view. That pop up error doesn't really give much details about the error condition.

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Hello Paula 🙂

Did you find the solution ? I am facing the same issue.

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