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Deployment from BAS to SAP S/4HANA Public cloud dev tenant

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I'm experiencing problems in BAS when deploying a Fiori app to Public cloud development tenant. It is giving me an authentication error even though I'm using right username and password. I have not configured username and password anywhere but destination I am using. I get the same error when entering username and password manually. Any idea what is wrong?

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I still have the same problem. I have done more testing on deployment.
I have destination with SAMLBearer authentication as described in this blog:

When creating Fiori application and using "Connect to a system" I get an error: "all catalog service requests failed for system xxx, OData versions V2, V4". Did not find reason for this, so I created the application using destination with communication user and direct URL to OData service.

When deploying using destination with SAMLBearer authentication, I get "HTTP 500, internal server error" message.
When deploying using destination with communication user authentication, I get "HTTP 403, forbidden" message. OData error log shows message: "You do not have start authorization for /UI5/ABAP_REPOSITORY_SRV version 0001"
When deploying with destination with my user credentials it keeps asking username and password like I explained in my first posting.

Now, which application in SAP S/4HANA Public cloud I use to find reason for HTTP 500 error?
There is no communication scenario for /UI5/ABAP_REPOSITORY_SRV OData service, so communication user can't be used for deployment?
Why using own credentials does not accept login?