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Deploy single page or iView

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Hi all

I am new to PDK.NET.

I started a new project on which 2 developers work.

(This project is connected to SourceSafe2005).

I work on component1.

My co-developer works on component2.

When I or my co-developer publish to portal we overwrite one another changes.

If I publish, the latest version of componet1 is available but component2 is set back to an older version (the version on my workstation).

If my co-developer publish, component2 is set to the latest version but he overwrites the changes that I did to component1.

Is there any way to publish only a selected page or iView?

This way each one will publish just the component that he is working on.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Doron,

Since the par is the smallest entity that can be loaded to the portal, and you are working on the same par file (SAP Portal Application project), you override each others changes.

The solution for this is either that you work on different projects or that you should work on different portals.

If you choose to work on different project you could bundle them in one SCA using the PDK.



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Hi Tsachi

I will use the multiple projects suggestion.



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