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Deploy error!!!

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Hi all,

I'm trying to deploy my webdynpro application and I got the following problem.... Error connecting using JCO.Client: Error connecting using JCO.Client: null

Does anybody know about this kind of error?



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Answers (3)

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Hi Jesus,

Please try printing the cause for the exception in your catch block using 'wdComponentAPI.getMessageManager().reportSuccess("ERROR::CAUSE ::"+e.getCause());'.

This might show you a message like 'jcoClientConnection couldn't be created' and 'Please assure that you have configured the RFC connections and/or logical System Name properly for this model'.

And from your previous post ', I understand that your jco has been created in the proper way. <b>If this is the case</b>, My Guess is :

Please check what kind of user authentication your jco for Application data (Model Data) uses. When you create a jco for Application Data, you can use the following methods for User Authentication :

- User/Password

- Ticket

- User Mapping

- Client Ticket (About which I'm clueless)

If you are using Ticket or User Mapping, the created jco won't have any userid attached to it. So, you need to authenticate yourself while running the application. For that you need to set the 'authentication' to true for your application and provide a valid user name & password at run time.

If you are not familiar with setting the authentication for the application, these links may help you:

And if you are using User/Password for authentication and have given the correct credentials, and still if you get a 'jcoconnection error', then you can be pretty sure that your jco hasn't been created properly.

Hope this helps,

Best Regards,


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Hi Jesus,

Check whether you have configured JCO or not. I guess you have specified wrong client when configuring your JCOs.

Test your JCOs in content administrator.



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Hi Jesus,

Please check the Jco connections in the contentAdministrator .

Regards, Anilkumar