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deploy error --> same alias already exists

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Hi I have tryied to re-deploy my EAR file.

The first time I deployed,

the process was stuck so I was forced to interrupt it...

From that moment I'm not able to publish it any more.

I have this error:

Cannot <b>add http alias</b> [webipasp03] on host default, because <b>application with the same alias already exists</b>...

I tryed to see the old deployment,

but there is not trace, and I'm not able to delete it.

I tryed via VisualAdmin, via SDM RemoteGui, but no trace.

With all the tools I have the same error.

What can I do ?

Thanks in Advance

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Answers (3)

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Thanks for your help,

but I have made a mistake...

With <b>telnet I can not see the application</b>...

How can I remove it ?

It it possible to remove it manually ?

Thanks adain

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It seems that another application that is already deployed has the same alias.

You can check this by requesting the alias or

via VA -> Server -> Services -> Http Provider -> Virtual Host -> Application aliases


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Thanks for the support.

Actually I see in Application Aliases the name of my WebApplication. webipasp03

I tryed to deselect this Alias but never has changed...

What can I do to remove it ?

Thanks Again

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The check box that application alias is active or not is for the different virtual hosts and can not help you

Unfortunately it is not very easy to find the application that registers this alias

The easiest way to find the application is to search in the apps directory for this alias (application name and alias are used for application directory structure in the following order:

- apps

____- <vendor-name>

________- <application-name>

____________- servlet_jsp

________________- <alias>

____________________- root

____________________- work



When you find the right application just remove it ...

This is necessary because you can not deploy application with one and the same aliases.



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Thanks for the interest.

I use <b>netweaver 6.30</b>.

My Application Server is a <b>WAS 6.30</b>.

I did the wrong deploy using this IDE.

I wolud like to get rid of the wrong deploy,

but I can not find it.

I tryed <b>VA go.bat</b>>services>deploy : (no trace of it)

I tryed <b>SDM RemoteGui.bat</b> -->j2eeEngine :(I see the file but I can not delete it)

I tryed the <b>telnet console</b> > jump>add deploy-->list_app : (I can see the application to delete)

How can I delete the wrong application ?

Thanks Again

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Open the telnet console

-> jump -> add deploy -> list_app

copy the name of your application

-> remove_app <the name that you copied>

Hope this helps


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What exactly did you do?

Did you deploy and re-deploy the application always via one and the same tool or you mixed them?

Please keep in mind that when you deploy via SDM the application name is different from the application name when you deploy via VA … (if the case is the same it is normal to receive this error message)

I suggest deploying only via SDM or IDE in order to escape some inconsistencies.

I guess you use SAP WAS 6.40, don’t you? You did not mention this …

Did you try to remove and deploy the application again?

Bets Regards,