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Deploy advanced Java functions on the XI J2EE server

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Hello XI - Java Gurus,

I have written some useful Advanced user functions for my XI mappings. At the moment I have import my jar/zip file

as an imported archive for each namespace/SC.

Now my question: What are the steps to deploy my jar file to XI J2EE Engine so that all my mappings can use them.

The best would be to put an import statement in the advanced user function and then just call my objects/methods.

Is that possible? I would really appreciate step-by-step instructions.

Thanks so much


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Answers (2)

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Hi Stefan,

Please try following soluion.

Import your jar files into one software component say BASECOMP.Now create new software component say TEST set installation time Usage dependancy between BASECOMP

& TEST .Now all jars will be part of TEST as basis component U can easily refer your java fuction inside TEST software component & Change of Jar in BASECOMP will get reflected in TEST automatically.



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Hi Stefan.

You can read my reply in other similar topic

The only way to do that is to put this jar to the boot class loader of the J2EE engine.

Best regards,