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Dependency to POI library is getting lost while transport to QA

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Hi All,

I have a Java WebDynpro component which provides Download to Excel functionality.

For this we are using POI library dependency. We followed following procedure -

- We created an external library DC which use POI jar files

- Two public parts were created for this external library component, a compilation public part and its assembling public part

- The POI library set was added to these both public parts.

- These POI Jar files were added to the Design Time Repository ( DTR ) inside an activity

- Now we created J2EE DC to access POI files at runtime via public part of external DC.

- We put BuildTime and RunTime dependency on external library using compilation public part and Assembly public part contains BuildTime dependency.

NOW the problem is that dependency on POI libraries is getting lost when we transport components to QA. We again have to redeploy external library component on QA to resolve it.

Please let me know how to avoid this. Also suggest other apt solution for same.

Thanks in anticipation

- Mandeep Virk

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Hello Mandeep

I see that you have not been able to find a solution for this.

Can you provide some more information which may help the other SDN posters to assist you?