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Delta Management of AIM DataSources

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Hi Experts,

we have a problem with the delta processing of AIM (After-Images) Data Sources.

Our scenario:

The Data Source 0BP_RELATIONS_ATTR works without 0RECORDMODE from the source system.

In case of the deletion of an record on ERP side, we receive only a deletion flag but no recordmode 'D' or 'R'.

Could you please help us to handle that situation?

We want to delete the obsolet records from the target DSO.

How did that works without Recordmode?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Stephan,

Please see this SAP Note,

1579943 - Deletion flag not updated to datasouce 0BP_RELATIONS_ATTR

Hope it help!


Bhavin Vyas

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Hi Vyas,

thank you for your response.

The deletion flag works fine in our system.

We have a problem with the delta management. (0RECORDMODE)

The DSO can't handle the deletion flag.


In case of a business partner deletion in source system, we receive a aim record with the deletion flag 'X'. How could we achieve that this record will deleted in DSO with the standard delta mechanism 0RECORDMODE? (We don't want to load in full mode)



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Go to your transformation, select 'technical group'.

Here you will be able to generate an entry for the recordmode, to handle your scenario. Basically:

  • if FLG_DELETED is empty, keep recordmode empty
  • if FLG_DELETED is filled, set RECORDMODE to R or D (i think for DSO, both will work the same, not 100% sure though)

(as you see in my screenshot, we don't handle this either, so i will need to look at it as well ;-))

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