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Delta Init Without Data Vs. No data transfer delta status in Source Fetched

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I am new to SAP and I'm wondering what are the benefits/draw backs between these two options.

From what I understand, they preform the same function.

What is different between (Delta Init Without Data) & (No data transfer delta status in Source Fetched)

Which one should I use when pulling new data from Source to DSO?

And DSO1 to DSO2?

I am also on a 7.3 system

Please feel free to view the document for more information.

Thanks again for your time and effort.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Both options do the same job.

2nd option (no data transfer delta status in source fetched) is used for one time initializations. For eg. you have a delta dtp and you want to just run the initialization without data transfer once without changing the DTP settings. Also this option does not change the status of DTP to Revised.

1st option (Delta init without data) is used when you want to run the DTP with this option in a process chain. Personally I have never seen a situation where you want to use a DTP with this setting in process chain, but someone might come up with one. This option changes the status of DTP to Revised/Changed, you will have to activate the DTP again after this change to use it.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Marvin,

Both options do the same action.

But using it at different stages .

Init with out data transfer - Which is available at info pack level only and useful for us to set delta pointer for data source.

the other option - available at DTP level to set delta pointer while loading between targets in BW server.


this is my data flow.

Data source--->Dso--->cube and daily running delta loads.

After some time, we got some requirement to enhance info cube with some more info objects and filling them thru some routine.

Now we need to historic data for added info objects as well.

so, now we delete whole data from cube and will reload from DSO with selections(full mode).

after reload, we need to set delta pointer here.

in this we case we run dtp with above option and will set delta.

later whatever data loaded to dso, will load to cube thru delta dtp.



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the delta init without data is NOT only available for infopackages. you have this option as well in the dtp.

there is no difference in behaviour between the two options except for the fact that you can't use the option No data transfer delta status in Source Fetched in a process chain as the setting is not saved when activating the dtp.