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delta collectors, LUW, etc.

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hi BW gurus,

i have a question that's been bothering me for some time. i initialised say, 2LIS_02_ITM, with or without data transfer. when i activate the delta collector (i'm using queued delta), for some funny reason, even if there were no transactions done in between the initialisation and the delta collection, it seems to process hoards of LUWs, and alongside it, fills up the delta queue.

why does this happen? what deltas is collected at this point?


(btw, i just noticed that the checkbox for posting questions has been modified to read this way:

[ ] Mark this topic as a question.

And I promise to return and reward the answers.

cute... heheh.)

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Hi Ryan,

this comes from OSS Note (I suggest to download it) 380078 'FAQ: BW delta queue (RSA7), Questions and answers':

"Question 13:

Why is there data in the delta queue although the V3 update has not yet been started?


You posted data in the background. This means that the records are updated directly in the delta queue (RSA7). This happens in particular during automatic goods receipt posting (MRRS). There is no duplicate transfer of records to the BW system. See Note 417189."

Hope it helps !



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hi roberto,

so, even if there are no users transacting, it will most likely occur (LUWs and deltas generated/fetched)?