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deletion selection in infoPackage setting

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Hi, experts,

I noticed two options of "selection Area" in deletion selection in infoPackage

1.Same or More Comprehensive


who can tell me what the exactly difference between these two options? the help of them is quict same.

in my case, one infoPackage setting period: 1 ~ 8 and country is China. if another infoPackage with setting Period:8 and country is china. it should to delete data in old request with period 8 and country is china. right? but in here, I think both setting is work in this case. then, how was the different usage of this option.

Thanks in advance.

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Let me see if i can help u there.

1. Same or More comprehansive:

Lets say that you ran job yesterday with selection conditions Period: 8 and Country:China.

If you run a job again today with conditions Period: 1 to 8 and Country: China.

The second load is more comprehensive than the first one. Then it'll delete the yesterday load.

2. Overlapping: Lets say yesteday u ran a load with conditions Period: 1 - 8 and Country: China

Today u ran a job again with conditions Period: 3-9 and Country: China. This will delete the yesterday load. If you have selections like this, and if u select the first option "same or more comprehansive", your yesterday load is not deleted.

Is it clear now? Or give me the exact scenario how your loads going to be, i'll see if i can come up with an answer

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thanks Gova,

sounds good.

right now I found there are two request in cube.

10.07 XXXX1 period = 8 country = China

9.07 XXXX2 period = 1 - 8 country = China.

Since the infoPackage setting is "Same or more Comprehansive". so I can understand the XXXX2 is not deleted. so looking to period 8, the figure should be double value.

but I check the report and number of recodes of period 8. everything is OK.

I do doubt how infopackage deletion metholody.

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Hi Jie,

Check the Key Figure values in the LISTCUBE transaction for both the requests loaded (select request id ias display char). This will give you an idea why the Ke figs are not doubled.