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Deletion of Target group on the CRM UI model leads to authorisation error

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User deleted a Target group on SAP CRM Web UI. But logged in again to view the model got the error "You are not authorized to use the graphical modeler".

When I debugged Web ui 'Edit segmentation model' button, I found that FM

" CRM_MKTTG_SEG_IL_TG" return error "TG <XYZ> is already deleted". I am not able to figure out if there is any note missing or deletion of TG on UI didn't work correctly. Users will create/delete TG's as per their requirements.

Please let me know if anyone has faced this same issue.



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You can try note 2623995, but in my situation note didn't help.

I didn't understand the reason of this situation, but i had missing record in table crmd_mkttg_pf_h. Therefore i added new record for my segmentation model with missing profile guid, opened model in web-ui and deleted this broken segment.

You can find missing profile guid in debug in FM CRM_MKTTG_SEG_IL_PF, also program CRM_MKTTG_SEE_SEG_MODEL can help, you can find all data there.

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Dear Sunita,

one of my customer faced the same problem and I look for a solution on this topic.

A workourd will help. If you copy the segmentation model to a new one, it might be no problem to work on it again.

Maybe there is a problem, if somebody delete an existing target group and creates a new one without any saving between deletion and creation? I'm no developer to check this in detail but this seems like that issue.

But this error message in this context is quite misleading.

Kind regards