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Deletion of Records at changelog table

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Hi Experts,

Could anyone tell me how the records deleted at change log table and pls specify the significance of CHange Log table



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Answers (3)

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Hi swapna,

If you go into the ODS object via the Manage tab, click on the ENVIRONMENT drop down and from here you can schedule the change log deletion.

well, i want give you more clarity on ODS ;

Ods has three tables.

the data once it is loaded to ODS first reaches active Que from here the load further load into change log and new table

well,change log is helpful for delta which will be identified by 0record mode

During the activation run, changes are stored in the change log. Here,

you can find the complete (activation) history of the changes,

new table contains the load after activation, Reporting uses this table

Activation Queue

New data is stored in this table before it is activated.

Hope you are clear!!!!!!!!!



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some additional information.

Delete the change log via rsa1->infoprovider, right click on your ods and select manage. From the top menu select environment->delete change log data.

The change log is necessary specially for creating the delta in case your datasource does not provide a real delta but only a generic delta or no delta at all.



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Change log table is to capture and store the changes of records that get extracted.

Ravi Thothadri