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Deletion of master data (RSDMD126) in BW

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We are trying to delete master data (data type CHAR) of an info object used in a transactional cube. The info object carries 10 types. Type 3 is to be deleted. The transaction data using type 3 is reposted (IP) to type 4. Than the transactional data on type 3 is deleted from the cube with selective deletion.

When trying to delete type 3 (with or without SID) we get a message RSDMD126 that master data is still used in the dimension table (SID 67). We tried RSRV, reactivation of cube, reupload of master data etc. The only way to delete the master data was to delete the content of the cube which is not feasible for us.

Any ideas how to delete/regenerate the SID database table?



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Check whether the following helps.

Infoobject --> right clikc --> maintain master data

Select rows u wanted to delete and click 'Delete' icon. And SAVE.

If system prompt u 'some master data cannot be deleted' .. continue with this message.

then goto tcode SLG1-- enter Object: RSDMD and Subobject: MD_DEL and User: ur userID and F8

In the next screen Expand node and dbl click 'Problem class additional information'

This will give u which ever objects using SIDs of this master data.

U should delete this SID according to that list.

Then U should delete particular data from DSO/Cubes.

Once data deleted from cube, then

Use Tcode RSRV -> Tests in Transaction RSRV -> All Elementary Tests -> Transaction Data -> Entries Not Used in the dimension of an InfoCube (Dbl Click)

From the right side window, expand u201CEntries Not Used in the Dimension of an InfoCubeu201D Node &

Enter InfoCube (like 0SD_C01), click u201CTransferu201D

Now, click u201CExecuteu201D (Toolbar)u2026 and the results displayed in the right side window..

Now, click u201CCorrect erroru201D (Toolbar)

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Hi Mr. V.

Worked perfectly! Thanks for you help. Answer rewarded.