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Deleting the files from exception folders

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Dear All

We are on MDM 5.5 sp06 using auto import and syndication.

Whenever the files to be imported are having value exceptions logs are written in the parent Exception folder as well as the file is also placed in the ValueX subfolder within the exception folder which contains the virtual extended records.

What is the recommended way of deleting the log files in parent exception folder and the source files from the ValueX/Structure subfolders?

Can we set up some archiving process? Is there any standard methods available? Please share the methods used in similar situations.

thanks in advance-


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My thoughts are:

With MDM 5.5 , MDM PI adapter is not available, so you can not use alerts of PI. with MDM 7.1 also, PI can send alerts only for exception in import of Main table data, and not for the reference data import (*as standard PI is not used for import of reference data from any SAP system to MDM)

With Value and import exceptions, import server will just write exceptional files and log and will continue to import data from other import files. but Structural exceptions can block import port and will not do import from any other data file till exception is fixed.

Although you can set port property "Block on structural exception" to "No". By doing this port will not be blocked if any structural exception occurs and will continue to import data from other files. But it is not recommended.

I would suggest to scan exception directories using unix script and in case any exception occurs, move exceptional import data file and exception log file to any other file directory from script automatically. additional code can be written in script to send email notification to the user of the exception. Now, as soon as get user get time, will look in to exceptional files in the directory and will import data from that file by fixing exception.

I think , alerts of exception can also be sent from CCMS. So, if you have this implemented for monitoring, then code for email notification can be removed from script.