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deleting queue in LBWQ

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Hi All,

We recently installed a support pack on our QA retail SAP system. When the basis person was installing the support pack, he was receiving the message:

Open Data Extraction Requests: The system has found a number of open data extraction requests. These should be processed before starting the object import process, as changes to DDIC structures could prevent data extraction requests from being read after the import, thus causing them to terminate. you can find more information about this problem in SAP Note 328181. Call the Customizing Cockpit data extraction and process all open extraction requests.

In attempt to get by this warning, we did V3 pushes of all our data into RSA7 (tcode LBWE). After the V3 pushes, he tried installing the SP again, but received the same warning. At that point, I looked in LBWQ and saw that there were still entries in the queue for: MCEX02, MCEX11, MCEX12. When I clicked on these entries though, there was no data inside them (because we had just done a V3 push (LBWE) and the system was quiet). But in order for basis to install the SP, we actually had to select the queues for MCEX02, MCEX11, MCEX12 and hit the trash can in LBWQ.

My question is, even though these queues did not contain data, will there be an impact to deleting them in LBWQ when we need to do this install in our production system (we will be doing V3 pushes first and system will be quiet)? Does this impact our delta inits or RSA7 queues in any way? I assume the deleted queues in LBWQ are just going to return once data for those areas is processed, but I don't want to make any assumptions.



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Exactly, your lbwq entries will come back once new deltas are generated. The only problem I have with that is "empty" records in lbwq... I've never seen that. But if you're convinced there's nothing of use in there, your strategy is exactly the one I'd use.