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deleting of user ID effect on loading or extractions

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Dear Experts

There is a user ID in R/3 46C production that is going to be locked and all this while this id was used by an ex-BI-colleague.

I am concerned what happens if this id is removed and what is the impact.

From a infopackage, I see that BWREMOTE is used to run the infopackage.

The user ID to be removed is not BWREMOTE. I am not sure where else could his ID be used that will affect BI eg. running extractor jobs in R/3 and loading in BI .

Where should I look for to check the impact?

Off hand I can think of these :

1. R/3 : Extractor jobs in sm37.

2. BI : infopackage . How about DTP? What ID is it normally run under?

3. Any other areas? ? ?

Thank you for reading. Kindly give me some advice. Thanks!

Best regards


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Just check if any jobs are scheduled under user name.

any process chains scheduled on user name.



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Dear Venkatesh

I mean the user ID to be locked in a R/3 ID.

I wish to know where this could affect in R/3 and BI.

I guess your advise is on BI side?




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I have given things which need to be taken care in BI system.

If it comes to R3 system, just in SM37 to know the jobs are scheduled on that user ID.

change the User ID for that jobs.

In BI system, if all your loads are are scheduled using Process chains, then changing the userd ID for process chain released job will be enough.