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Deleted Files Recovery - SAP Crystal Server

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Hi All

a user of our SAP Crystal Server managed to delete one of his directories including all reports in it. The question is - how to get them back to work. Is there a chance for a recovery of the files or are they gone?

Kind Regards


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If you were on BI 4.2, you could easily use the new 'Recycle bin' functionality - Refer KBA 2265715 - How to use recycle bin functionality in BI 4.2? [Video]
But if you are not, we can still retrieve the contents if you have a CMS db and file store backup from when the reports existed in system.

All we need to do is:
1. Restore the CMS DB and filestore backup on a test environment as per KBA 1275068 - Backup & Restore XI 3.x / BI 4.x from one environment to another [video]

2. Once restored, use promootion management to promote the deleted folder from restored environnment to current environment.